Gelcoat Restoration

Gelcoat-Gel coat, this is the outer coating on most fibreglass products, more often is a white colour. Most gel coats contain some form of UV inhibitor, but in the case of older products this technology was not available.

Restoring gel coat in some cases is a simple process, and in cases where this is not viable, then respraying is the way.

Make sure the surface is clean. In the past I have had many technical reps explain and sell products for clean and preparation of the Ute Canopies for painting or restoring. I have tried Thinners, acetone, to name a few, the problem I had with these I will cover in the article on “Painting Fibreglass”

1/Hot soapy water, I use washing detergent, a sourer and wash the part completely.

2/Rinse off with warm water

3/Shamy off

4/If the part is really bad I would use a wet and Dry 1200 grit sand paper and sand the part back and then 2000 grit after. Then a cutting compound followed by a polish. There are many companies that sell compounds in a varying degree of grit.

5/ If the part is not very bad then the cutting with the sand paper (sanding back) would not be necessary.

6/Once the surface is restored I would then cover the part with a very good barrier wax. Buffing of the part depending is large or small, can be done by hand, or machine.